NEW PRODUCT! Premium 100% Organically Grown Potent THCa Flower!

What is THCA?

THCA is one of the most popular cannabis products in America right now. The reason being is that just like Delta 8 and CBD is a naturally occurring cannabinoid from the cannabis planet BUT what makes THCA so special is that, THCA is what's called a precursor to Delta 9 THC (regular THC). Why this is so amazing is that, when heated, smoked, vaped, the THCA drops the "A" part in the THCA, literally converting it into regular THC! So by smoking this THCA Flower, you literally get all the same exact amazing effects as smoking regular premium THC flower! The only difference between this THCA Flower and THC Flower is, you get to purchase it legally right here, right now. Since this flower is specifically grown to produce large amounts of THCA, and low amount of THC, it's 100% legal to purchase, hold, and consume if you are 21+ years of age!

Why is our THCa Flower so much more superior than others?

All of the strains we offer have been cherry picked by us. What I mean is, we spend a lot of time researching and testing top of the line strains to potentially offer. The strains we choose are from the highest quality category and we search and test strains in that category to find the select few strains that rise above all the others in that class. No matter what strain(s) we are offering at the time, know that they have been carefully selected and are literally the highest quality and most potent THCa strains that you can possibly get your hands on. Right now the strain we are offering contains 30.1% THCa and we have the lab results to verify this percentage below. We've been testing THCA Flower from other popular THCa vendors for months now and mostly all of them are extremely low quality and low in THCa percent. Our THCa Flower is the highest quality Flower that you will find and we keep it at a low price. You would need to smoke 3x-4x the amount of other THCa flower from other vendors to even come close to the amazing effects that our THCa Flower will give you! The very few vendors who do sell premium flower like us, charge a premium price for it. Some charge up to $79 for 3.5 grams for this level of premium THCa flower but if you're familiar with us, you know we like to keep all of our prices low so you can have top tier experiences at low prices. We want everyone to be able to enjoy and afford this level of THCa flower. You will be truly amazed at the fact that you didn't need a medical marijuana license to purchase this flower. It's also organically grown so you will not be consuming any harsh chemicals that non-organic THCa or THC flower has. It's TRULY amazing stuff.

Give it a try today and I promise you will be amazed and happy you did!

*You must be 21+ years of age to purchase this produce.

Select the strain that best suits your needs.

#1 Customer Favorite

Pink Champagne - Indica Dominate Hybrid

28.75% THCa


Blackberry Kush - Indica

29.8% THCa


Which states is this product legal?

As of now, there are 5 out of 50 states that prohibit THCA products that exceed beyond 0.3% by dry weight. Those states consider the “total THC” amount, which includes both THCA and delta 9 THC.

the states where this product is prohibited are: Arkansas, Idaho, Minnesota, Oregon, and Rhode Island.

How fast will I receive my package?

Orders are shipped the same day or next day depending on the time your order. From there, you should typically receive your package in 2-4 business days.

Do you ship discreetly?

Yes. You would never be able to tell what's inside the mail package by looking at it. We also utilize smell-proof bags to mitigate the smell.

Is a signature required upon delivery?

A signature is required upon delivery for any order of 14+ grams or if your order totals more than $150.

Will this make me fail a drug test?

Yes. This product will show up on a drug test.

How is this product legal?

Honey High’s products are compliant with the 2018 Farm Bill, which legalized hemp and hemp-derived products at the federal level in the United States. Our hemp products contain less than 0.3% Delta 9 THC, adhering to the legal limit established by the Farm Bill. However, due to local laws regarding specific cannabinoids, the jurisdictions of the states listed at the top of the FAQ section have set regulations regarding hemp and cannabis products.

Is this product backed by a money-back guarantee?

This product is only refundable to anyone who has not requested a refund in the past on any of our all products. Refunds are only available to first time orders and only on 3.5 grams. If you purchase both our Delta 8 Honey and THCA flower and are unsatisfied with both of them, a refund will only be issued to one product or the other. Refunds for THCA Flower are all available within the first 14 days from your delivery date.

Where do I enter the discount code?

After you choose the products you would like to purchase, click "go to checkout" then you will see the following in the picture below. Click redeem your coupon and enter your discount code.

Cultivation & Quality

Our THCA Flower is grown using sustainable, organic farming practices. Each batch undergoes a cold curing process to ensure unmatched quality and purity.

  • ANSI 3rd Party Lab Tested
  • American Organically Grown THCA Flower
  • Grown In High Amounts of THCA

Have Questions?

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